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How Technology Can Change Human Life

Technology carries cosmic powers to change the human life.

I never imagined that one day i would be sitting in same room of my village where couple of decades back i used to study without electricity in the glow of a lamp filled with kerosine oil, and today I could use the power of internet and remote working for doing my office work as normal as i would have done it in my office in Noida or in any metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai or even if i would have joined some overseas organization working on any technology consulting profile in any part of the world. The same operations i can do working from home in a remote village and at the same time feeling happier by refreshing my childhood memories. It is indeed a million dollar experience and feeling that’s not easy to express.

Technological advancements and modernization is really making the world smaller gradually converting it into a global village.

Thanks to all inventors.

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