An Enterpreneur With Kind Heart


  • Post Graduation:

    Masters in Computers Application (MCA) - 2002
    Ajay Kumar Garg Engg. College - Ghaziabad

    Activities and Societies: MCA - 2002 Batch Topper, Participated in All India Engineers Game Festival, B.H.U as a member of our college’s Cricket Team.

    Diploma in Business Management - 2003
    Institute of Management & Technology – Ghaziabad
  • Graduation:

    Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) - 1999
    C.C.S University

    Activities and Societies: Cultural Committee.

  • Intermediate Education:

    12th, Physics, Chemistry, Maths - 1996
    St. Charles Inter College, Sardhana

    Activities and Societies: 12th Science Topper, Member of Disciplinary committee & Cricket Team.

  • Company Profile & Success Story

    Co-Founder & Partner, Quik Technosys (A Product Development Company)

    JAN 2017 till now.

    Created another venture called Quik Technosys, that is a sister concern of Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd, I have initiated the Development of some of the innovative and advanced IT Products starting with the revolutionary mobile app for Jobs & Employment, i.e Please have a look at its unique features.

  • CEO, Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd (A Web & Mobile Apps Development Company)

    APR 2004 till now.

    Founded Brain Technosys in 2004, I have been working as its CEO since then and taking care of Business Development, Strategic Planning and HR.

  • Developer, Silicon Biztech Pvt Ltd.

    MAY 2003 – APRL 2004

    Worked as a Web Developer in Microsoft Technologies like Server/C# and developed successful portals like

  • Web Developer, Infinite Softcom Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

    JAN 2002 – MAY 2003

    Worked as a Web Developer in Classic ASP & Visual Basic and have developed 3 Performance Management / HR Management Web Applications.

First achievement that comes to my mind is ‘the human life itself gifted by God, happy family with blessings of parents and many friends to share the joy & sorrow’.

If we talk about professional achievements, that is to obtain a successful self-made career in Web & Mobile Apps Development, having clients across the globe. I have had many achievements in Web Development when I used to do programming in that includes ‘Implementing URL Rewriting routine through my own code in ASP.net1.1, Load Balancing on multiple servers for a portal like which we have developed and implemented, to handle traffic as huge as 100K/day on our own developed portal’.

My and my team’s recent achievements include obtaining big enterprise projects from US-based clients. One of them has been spread over 3 years and another one that I have got during my recent client visit to New York, which has opened onsite development & support opportunities for Brain Technosys Engineers.

I have been eagerly working for new product Ideas to add more significant achievements under my belt.

ABA Techshow, Chicago – March 2017: Participated as an exhibitor to represent Brain Technosys in a Techshow organised by American Bar Association in Chicago, USA. I have had a nice experience and fruitful discussing while meeting with many prospective clients in Chicago. I have visited Amsterdam, The Netherlands as well in the same trip and met 2 of our existing clients for relationship building and to discuss future plans.

Novic Edelstein, LLC. New York – March 2015: Visited Novic Edelstein, LLC in Yonkers, NY for Requirements Analysis of their next phase of Case Management System. Extremely glad to meet Mr. Edward Agabs (My first ever client and professional contact outside India) in NY after a relationship of 11 years. I met my other clients too in NY area to exchange greetings. It was a good trip to experience American Culture & their corporate life.

Project study of "Dock IT - Mobile App based charging stations" with Webbit, Pty. Ltd. in North Avoca (Sydney) – JUNE 2014: It was a mix of Family & Business Trip to meet our one of the oldest clients and professional partners in Sydney, Australia where we enjoyed Aussie Hospitality and culture while doing some discussions about the recent projects executed with John & Heather for a Knowledge Transfer Session and to start working for another innovation thereafter.

  • Esteemed Speaker & Alumni Guest at JIC, Palri

    Being an Alumni and a prominent contributor, I was invited in my school Janta Inter College (Palri) as an esteemed guest on the occasion of its 55th Foundation Day, Annual Day and Republic Day on 24, 25 & 26 Jan-2018.

    I felt really honored and proud to receive such a welcome, respect and attention and was happy to speak about Importance of Student- Teacher’s Relations and advised young students to develop 4 key ingredients of a complete and good system “Skills, Values, Character & Purpose”.

    Being a topper of School in my school days, I thought to appreciate toppers and initiated an Academic Excellence Annual Awards for all class toppers and distributed prizes on this day to encourage all students.

    26 Jan 2018
  • QuikHiring presentation in DemoDay2017 Contest

    Presented our innovative mobile app based jobboard "QuikHiring" in DemoDay2017 contest and secured Runners-up position.
    Kindly check and like our FB page :

    Apr 2017
  • ABA Techshow, Chicago

    Participated as an exhibitor to represent Brain Technosys in a Techshow organised by American Bar Association in Chicago, USA. I have had a nice experience and fruitful discussing while meeting with many prospective clients in Chicago.

    Mar 2017
  • Guest Speaking in Aria Telecom

    I was invited as a Guest speaker to interact with Aria Telecom employees and to address them with some of the tips to share my experience and give them all a motivational punch. Thanks for the respect and appreciation.

    24 Feb 2017
  • Penalist in IT Summit, Amity University

    I was invited as Penalist & Speaker in Amity University, Noida in their IT Summit-2017 and delivered an eminent speech on the topic 'Shifting Gears - Changing IT Trends'. I was happy to get the Eminent Speaker honor.

    23 Feb 2017


  • What is the best thing happened in your life?
    Start of my life itself. My birth after 10 years from the death of my 6 yrs old only elder brother brought smile on many faces.
  • What is your best childhood memory?
    There is this one particular incident from my childhood that I still remember clearly. Things went wrong when my father scolded me for playing far away from our home. He shouted and told me that I wouldn’t be allowed anymore to study and I better work with him in the fields. He meant to let me know the importance of study, I was in class 6 and couldn’t understand his point. At the end of the conversation, he asked me, “What will you do tomorrow study or farming?” I recalled that he just asked me to do farming and so I replied “Farming”. He got really very angry and my mother had to come in between to save me .
  • If you had a chance for a “do-over” in life, what would you do differently?
    I would like not to opt for M.C.A rather would try to get selected in Army, Navy or any other Civil Services to serve the Nation better.
  • What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?
    I would like to learn how to pretend, and to keep my thoughts in mind rather than speaking out loud without any fear. Do I really need to learn that? I cannot do that like many others, I am an open hearted, straight forward personality.
  • Why did you choose that profession?
    Just by chance, in the third year of our graduation everyone was rushing to fill many entrance forms and I also did the same for MCA Entrance, for which I got selected and my parents too agreed to send me for the same. Everything went in its own direction taking its own course, I just kept following till the time I got some bad taste with my second employer, thereafter I decided to start something of my own and make it better. Glad that I did it right!
  • What’s the 3 Top skills you apply in your profession!
    Honesty | Transparency | Stability.
  • Any of your own Quote would you like to share with us?
    Control is limiting someone's capabilities, Freedom helps a person to explore his own limits. नियंत्रण किसी व्यक्ति को सीमाओं में बाँधने का प्रयाश करता है, स्वतंत्रता सभी को उसकी सीमाएँ तलाशने में मदद करती है।
  • Who inspires you most?
    Reading about Swami Vivekananda. I liked his quote the most “TAKE RISK IN YOUR LIFE IF YOU WIN YOU WILL LEAD, IF YOU FAIL THEN YOU WILL TEACH!”

I Love My Family

"Life is important when you have your family, friends, and Love."

My family means a lot to me. My parents were government teachers. I am extremely fortunate to have them, they sacrificed a lot to fulfil my desires sometimes it was beyond their reach to give me good education but they never let me made adjustments with my studies. They had to sacrifice a lot of comforts when they decided to send me away for higher education and to get settled down later in a Metro City. I shall be extremely thankful to them throughout my life. My wife and kids should also be given the equal importance and respect for the unconditional support and love they have given me.

“Love your family. Spend time, be kind & serve one another. Make no room for regrets. Tomorrow is not promised & today is short.”


An Enterpreneur With Kind Heart


Shri Pal Singh: Chief Editor

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Shri Pal Singh: Co-Editor

Worked as General Secretary of SGRWA (Sunrise Greens Residents Welfare Association) and served the society for more than 1 year. Voluntarily developed

“Man for Mankind” Initiative taken along with friends to set up a Team “Manurbhava, मनुर्भव:” to help real needy people. Kindly check the initiative on Facebook: JoinManurbhavaTeam

JIC Alumni Coordinator – Formed a team of Alumni from my village school “Janta Inter College” and helped in creating infrastructure like Computers Library, Furniture, and Sound System etc. Participated in hosting of many crucial events like “Golden Jubilee Celebrations”. Voluntarily developed

My Interests and Hobbies

  • Social & Family Get-togethers

  • Hindi Poetry Writing

  • Travel to experience varied Culture

  • Photography

  • Playing Cricket

I'm a freaky traveler, shayar and a part-time youtuber. Check my recent videos....



Why shall I have a Biography or even if I have one, why shall you read it?

Friends, I am not a celebrity. I am just another common man but my journey so far has got some variations, interesting twists, unexpected career moves and it has been filled with stories of challenges, struggle, fun and joy. On many occasions, when I shared the same with newcomers, fresh graduates and youngsters, I felt that they found it extremely inspiring that how a Hindi-Medium rurally educated boy can excel in higher studies in an English Medium College and lead from the front, shedding away all his inhibitions. I have been often told that my journey so far has been inspiring for a lot of people, especially the fact that someone like me who had no business background and at one point of time, was deeply concerned about getting a stable job to earn livelihood, had dared to start an IT Business and over the period of time, achieved success without any financial support from any investor.

This has given me a thought to write my biography with an intent of being a source of motivation to youngsters, to help them make better decisions in life and sometimes, taking risky decisions rather than worrying about safer routes. . I have started writing it, I promise to find more time to complete it ASAP so you will be able to read my detailed biography here very soon. Please feel free to give me suggestions for the same. Thank You!