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What is a true Humanity!

Think of the events and incidents in your life if you were ever in trouble and got helped by someone, who may even be a stranger? If you remember any such event, you shall have started evolving a feeling of gratitude and thankfulness with a soft heart for the people who ever became the reason of your smile.

Think of the time you had lastly helped anyone in need or became the reason for someone’s smile? If you ever have been part of any such event, you would have started feeling of proud now while thinking about that. If you cannot recall any such time, you seriously need to learn and practice the True Humanity.

Humanity is not just a social grace. Humanity is not just showing empathy to the needy or the poor. Humanity is not just a word about symbolising things in society like serving food to hungry or donating clothes to needy. The humanity is not a subject to read or to just think and show concerns.

The true Humanity is building new relations with the real world society, to make someone smile and to satisfy your own dignity with a thankfulness towards God for giving us a life and ability to help others and to be the reason for their smile. The person may or may not necessarily be poor, but someone who is in need or in trouble where your direct or indirect action can help him or her to bring smile on his face, the person will not only thank God or you for the same but will be your team-mate to spread mankind further and to have faith in the humanity. Thus, together we make a society filled with the sense of sustainable positive values and our gradual efforts of spreading the true humanity would defeat any negativity, social devil and any such causes of degradation of our civilization.

Here I recall the words of Swami Vivekananda “Darkness has no existence, it is just the absence of the light”. “Devil does not exist at all, it is just the absence of goodness”.

The real Humanity is to be good human being, spread goodness, love & affection to everyone in society and to understand our existence and role as a human being as compared to any other species which all are created by the God, ours as human must be having a Purpose. Hindu Vedas also say “Manurbhava : मनुर्भाव:” means be, behave and act as human being first. One shall make it a goal and also an inspiration in his life to actually behave in a way to do justice to God’s creation of us as Humans.

Imagine a world where people line up to help their fellow man, the way they line up to buy a new iphone!

Today if we are being awarded by the God with full of all modern luxury, facilities, nice cloths, tasty food, a house and a car with the ability to enjoy our life properly. So we are certainly lucky and shall always be thankful to God for his grace. There are millions in the world and many in our own neighbourhood who are less fortunate than us, many of them might be struggling for basic amenities and some of them might be really needy for any sort of help or someone’s contribution to their tasks, trouble as to make them smile. In my opinion, the best way to thank God for whatever he gave us and made us capable to live a good life, is not to donate money to religious places hoping it would reach to God, but the only best way is to help someone in need to bring smile on his face and to contribute towards establishing positivity in the society and to do any possible act as to uplift the standard of our civilisation.

I wrote this article to express my thoughts about the topic “Humanity” or the true mankind. I hope to help you get inspired of it to be positive contributor in the building of our society with values. 2 years back, me and some of my close neighboring friends got inspired with the same thought and we have actually started helping poor in fact anyone in need and sharing with you all that such feeling is really incredible. Please visit glimpse of our initiative here:


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